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A stay abroad in the form of a student exchange, a degree or apprenticeship is one of the most profound experiences in life and this experience, whether good or bad, lasts a life time. If the experience is a positive one, an awareness of life in the superlative opens up. The knowledge that “you did it” moves mountains, inspires, gives an incredible inner strength and, not least, gives the feeling that nothing is impossible.
Our task is to achieve this, in that we show you the possibilities as well as the realities by dealing individually with particular wishes, in order to then talk about what you may actually expect.
Our work is to make your experience abroad into one of the most positive experiences of your life. Together, we will look for the perfect solution for you, present first class high schools, help you register for a course, apply for an apprenticeship position, search for a suitable host family, help you search for an apartment, apply and register as well as all other organisational tasks, and we will also of course be there if your adventure is already in full swing.

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